Mastermind Session

MONDAY, NOVEMBER 27 3:30 PM - 5:30 PM

Whether you have been in the mortgage industry for four weeks or for four decades, you will be able to give value to the group, and you will take away MASSIVE value.

Back by popular demand and led by Dustan Woodhouse, the mastermind session will be made up of groups of eight including a moderator. Each person will have 15 minutes to speak, and this is where you bring your best tips, ideas, and relevant industry info.
This could include:
  • 3 best books read recently
  • 3 best podcasts
  • 3 best apps
  • primary lender choice and why
  • why you never pay for an appraisal
  • how you convert first time callers in to lifelong referral sources
  • unwritten lender exceptions that few would be aware of
  • rewarding referral sources
  • hiring an assistant
  • firing a client
  • A unique lender policy
  • Unique product policies and how you use them as a competitive advantage

This 15 minutes of positive data will impart what works for you in your business and why. In exchange for giving up 15 minutes of your own gold, you in turn get 105 minutes of gold back from the other seven people.

This session is only open to Full Conference Pass Attendees - maximum 80 seats.
There is no additional charge for this. During the conference registration process ensure to click Yes for attending the Mastermind Session.