Brick by Brick


Brick by Brick

A personal story of building foundations and breaking down walls.

Fight and Flight are two sides of the same coin….

Brokers, many of them, spend their entire career in a perpetual state of fear… triggering the ‘fight’ response. This survival mindset adopted during the first few years often goes on to fuel them to amazing heights. Business-wise at least.

How do we break our conditioned responses, and realize that what got us ‘here’ won’t get us ‘there’

Cue the lights…

The Heart Of The Matter
Human connection.
Connection to one another.
Via tech.
Tech and our experience thereof;
Technology is coming for you and I.
Tech that will do what?
It’s a one-hundred-foot high wave of 5G mobile devices, powered by voice command with an undertow of A.I. – and what are you seeing in this? Your demise or your rise?
Will you sit still, in fear, and have it crash down onto you, taking you under and drowning you?
Or will you do what surfers do?
Catch the wave and ride it!

Date: Sunday, November 17
Time: 11:30 am – 12:15 pm
Location: 201DF

Dustan Woodhouse

Dustan Woodhouse
Mortgage Architects

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