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Toronto is a buzzing multi-cultural metropolis, rich in diversity and history. Dubbed by popular culture as “the 6ix”, the city capitalizes on its unique mix of culture through colourful neighbourhoods, food, arts, attractions and activities. With a bustling downtown and exuberant nightlife, Toronto also plays host to many sporting events, festivals and concerts and is home to some of the world’s finest restaurants, bars and clubs.

Facts About Toronto

Did You Know

Over 180 languages and dialects are spoken in the city

The only Canadian city with representation in 7 major league sports

Little Italy, Little Portugal and Chinatown have dual-language street signs written in both English and a language other than French

Home to 8,100 restaurants and bars, representing 6.5% of all businesses in the city

The city welcomes over 40 Million visitors annually, with an overall visitor spending of $7.2 billion during their visits

Toronto’s Casa Loma is the only truly authentic castle in North America

Food, Food and More Food!

Culinary Adventures in the City

Drake 150

Drake One Fifty

Stylish, unique and full of art, Drake One Fifty has elegantly avoided being stuck up in a district filled with suits, all without alienating its lunchtime crowd. Stop by to take in the all the contemporary creativity that fills the space whether it’s art, decor, crafty mixology or, of course, the food – a zesty take on traditional brasserie fare.

La Bettola di Terroni

La Bettola di Terroni

The latest project of popular Toronto Italian chain Terroni is La Bettola. Inspired by Italian hole-in-the-wall restaurants that serve simple, classic meals and lots of wine, most dishes are made using three or four ingredients. They really take it back to good old Southern Italian basics, often letting the homemade pasta shine. The simple elegance means it’s a place you could comfortably bring together all the generations of your family.

360 Restaurant

360 Restaurant at the CN Tower

This restaurant is far above the rest… at 350 metres above the ground you’ll be able to dine and look out over the skyline as the whole venue slowly revolves for a full panoramic experience of the city. Their market fresh food uses regional ingredients and you’ll also be able to find the perfect wine pairing to suit your tastes from the world’s highest wine cellar. Plus, entry onto the lookout and glass floor levels of the tower is free if you order the prix fixe menu!

Canoe Restaurant


With interior design that brings a natural, earthy feel to the sky, this 54th floor restaurant delivers impressive views inside and out. It is a quintessential Toronto retreat for special occasions, perhaps because of its ability to embrace the city and its surroundings, and the luxury afforded by its pricier menu items. By taking local ingredients and reinventing what you thought they could do, Canoe gives Canadian food a whole new dimension.